4 excellent documentaries about education that are worth streaming

Whether it’s examining the struggles of underfunded schools, the pressures on students, or innovative teaching methods, education is always a hot topic in the news. It has also been the subject of many interesting documentaries over the years, and we’ve watched a number of them.

We’ve rounded up 4 documentaries about education that we think are worth streaming. Let’s get into it:


Waiting for Superman

Waiting for Superman is a critical look at the American public education system. Directed by Davis Guggenheim, the film follows several students and their families as they navigate the challenges of accessing quality education. It exposes the systemic failures, including underfunded schools, inadequate teaching, and bureaucratic inertia, that hinder student success. The documentary is a powerful call for educational reform and is worth watching for its emotional storytelling and compelling arguments for change.


Race to Nowhere

Race to Nowhere explores the pressures faced by students in the American education system. Directed by Vicki Abeles, the film highlights the mental health issues, stress, and burnout caused by the high-stakes, high-pressure academic environment. It features interviews with students, parents, and educators, calling for a reevaluation of the education system’s priorities. The documentary is worth watching for its timely critique and its advocacy for a more balanced and supportive approach to education.


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is a controversial documentary hosted by Ben Stein, which argues that the scientific community suppresses alternative theories to Darwinian evolution, particularly intelligent design. The film critiques what it perceives as the academic exclusion of dissenting viewpoints. It’s worth watching for its exploration of the debate between evolution and intelligent design, though it has been criticized for its one-sided perspective and factual inaccuracies.


Ivory Tower

Ivory Tower is a thought-provoking documentary that examines the escalating cost of higher education in the United States and the financial burden it places on students and their families. Directed by Andrew Rossi, the film explores the root causes of rising tuition fees, student debt, and the broader implications of a system increasingly seen as unsustainable and inequitable. It features interviews with educators, students, and experts, providing a comprehensive look at various aspects of the issue, including the commercialization of education and the value of college degrees in today’s job market.

The documentary is worth watching for its critical analysis of the higher education system and its exploration of potential solutions to the crisis. By shedding light on the financial and societal impacts of student debt, Ivory Tower encourages viewers to question the current model of higher education and consider alternative approaches that could make college more accessible and affordable. The film’s balanced perspective and compelling storytelling make it an essential viewing for students, parents, educators, and policymakers interested in the future of education.


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