4 great horror movies to watch if you enjoyed Midsommar



Midsommar is a great horror movie that has a very distinct look and feel, and if you enjoyed watching Midsommar then you might feel like watching something similar. We’ve selected 4 horror movies that we think you’ll enjoy if you enjoyed Midsommar, let’s get into it:


1. Hereditary (2018)

It’s an obvious one to start with, but Hereditary is another A24 movie from the same director, and although the story is quite different, the movie is very similar tonally to Midsommar. At times during Midsommar, you’re not sure whether to laugh or be disturbed – often you feel both simultaneously. There are lots of moments like that throughout Hereditary. So if you enjoyed the absurd horror of Midsommar, you’ll likely enjoy the similar moments throughout Hereditary too.


2. The Empty Man (2020)

‘The Empty Man’ is a really bad title, but this horror movie is actually excellent and has a lot of similarities with Midsommar. If you found the cult aspects of Midsommar creepy, you’ll enjoy this horror movie. Plus, both movies deal with themes of grief and guilt.



3. Infinity Pool (2023)

Midsommar starts as a fun trip that slowly goes wrong as our protagonists meet people from the small Swedish community – Infinity Pool, a horror movie from Brandon Cronenberg (son of David), unfolds very similarly.






4. Immaculate (2024)

We published an entire review about Immaculate because we really enjoyed it, and we think that if you enjoyed Midsommar, Immaculate is also going to please you. It’s got some good gory bits and it’s definitely a horror movie, although not too scary. Like Midsommar, it has a “culty” feel and involves a community who need someone to get pregnant…..we won’t say any more.



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