4 recent movies to watch if you want a good cry


There’s nothing quite like a good cry, but sometimes you need a little help to get the tears rolling. Plenty of movies can help you have a good cry, and there have been some movies released in the past couple of years that have had us sobbing like babies. Here are 4 recent movies that you should watch if you want a good cry:

Past Lives (2023, dir. Celine Song)

Love is a complicated feeling, and Past Lives is very effective at portraying how complicated love can be. It’s a Korean movie about a young boy and a young girl who have a very close relationship during their childood, but lose contact with each other. Decades later, the boy, now a man, can’t stop thinking about the girl and decides to try and reconnect with her. They meet up, but she is now married and has a whole new life that doesn’t involve him. Even after all the time that has passed, the connection they have immediately returns. The movie made us cry because it makes you think about time passing, about the people you’ve lost, and about the decisions you’ve made throughout your life. It’s debatable whether or not the movie has a happy ending, but we have no doubt that you’ll be left in tears.

Civil War (2024, dir. Alex Garland)

This movie follows a group of photographers attempting to capture footage of the civil war breaking out in a fictional America. The America that the movie depicts is broken, and that could be enough to provoke tears in some people. The bleak, hopeless feeling of the movie made us emotional and some of the horrors that the photographers are confronted with are very upsetting.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023, dir. James Gunn)

A few of the Marvel movies have caused a tear to roll down our eyes, but nothing quite like Guardians of the Galaxy 3. For starters, it’s the last GOTG movie with the original lineup, which is enough to make some people feel very emotional. But it’s the parts of the movie which explore the past of Rocket Raccoon which really got to us – he has a tragic backstory, and animal lovers will find it especially upsetting. Make sure you have plenty of tissues if you’re planning to watch this one.

The Zone of Interest (2023, dir. Jonathan Glazer)

There have been lots of movies made about The Holocaust over the years, and most of them can certainly be described as upsetting. But there is something particularly gut-wrenching about the way that The Zone Of Interest depicts the horrors of The Holocaust. You don’t see much in terms of what happened inside the walls of the camps, but you hear it, and that is precisely what makes it so effective – your imagination fills in the gaps. I’ve studied The Holocaust at school, visited Auschwitz, and watched several movies about the horrors, but nothing affected me like this movie did.


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