5 excellent alien movies that you might not have watched before



Before we get into this guide – we’re gonna assume that you’ve already seen popular alien movies like ‘E.T’, ‘Alien’, and ‘Signs’. Despite how good those movies are, we didn’t want to include obvious picks like those in this guide. We wanted to highlight 5 excellent alien movies that you might not have watched before. Let’s get into it:


Under the Skin

If any movie manages to capture a truly “alien” feel, it’s Under the Skin. This movie from Jonathan Glazer (the director of the powerful movie The Zone of Interest) includes guerrilla style footage of Glaswegians (that’s people from the city of Glasgow in Scotland) who didn’t realize that they were being filmed. It totally adds to the creepy, realistic feel of this movie.


No One Will Save You

It takes a while for the aliens to show up in ‘No One Will Save You’, but when they do it gets very tense. At the centre of this 2023 film is an excellent performance from Kaitlyn Dever who really carries the movie.


The Thing

John Carpenter made lots of movies, but we feel that ‘The Thing’ just might be the best he ever made. Excellent performances, incredible special effects, and a very memorable score. This is a classic alien movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Mars Attacks!

‘Mars Attacks!’ often gets described as a comedy, but it’s definitely got some oddly sad moments in it – for example, the young solider played by Jack Black, who bravely steps up to defend his country and….doesn’t last very long.


Starship Troopers

Similar to ‘Mars Attacks!’, ‘Starship Troopers’ is often billed as a comedy, but it’s also strangely quite sad, and even scary at points. Similar to most of the movies made by Paul Verhoeven, ‘Starship Troopers’ is very satirical and raises some interesting questions about how humans would deal with an alien attack.


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