Best documentaries about fishing



1. “The End of the Line” (2009):
Directed by Rupert Murray, this eye-opening documentary explores the devastating impact of overfishing on global fish stocks. Based on the book by Charles Clover, the film reveals the urgent need for sustainable fishing practices to preserve marine ecosystems and ensure the future of our oceans.

2. “Rotten” (2018):
This Netflix docuseries delves into various aspects of the food industry, with Season 1 featuring an episode titled “The Most Dangerous Game.” This episode explores the lucrative and often illegal world of toothfish poaching in Antarctica, shedding light on the environmental consequences and criminal activities associated with high-demand fishing.

3. “Artifishal” (2019):
Produced by Patagonia, this documentary addresses the impact of fish hatcheries on wild salmon populations. Filmmaker Josh Murphy examines the unintended consequences of well-intentioned conservation efforts, raising crucial questions about the future of sustainable fisheries.

4. “Seaspiracy” (2021):
Directed by Ali Tabrizi, “Seaspiracy” investigates the global fishing industry’s environmental and ethical implications. The documentary exposes issues such as bycatch, overfishing, and the controversial practices of some marine conservation organizations. It sparks conversations about responsible consumer choices and the need for systemic change.

5. “A Plastic Ocean” (2016):
While not solely focused on fishing, this documentary highlights the interconnectedness of ocean health and marine life. Filmmaker Craig Leeson explores the devastating impact of plastic pollution on our oceans, affecting fish and the entire marine ecosystem. The film serves as a wake-up call to address the broader environmental challenges facing our seas.

6. “Albatross” (2017):
Photographer Chris Jordan’s documentary provides a poignant exploration of the albatross population on Midway Atoll and the devastating consequences of plastic pollution. Through stunning visuals, the film underscores the impact of human activities, including fishing, on these majestic seabirds.

7. “The Perfect Storm: The Dangers of Overfishing” (2001):
This National Geographic documentary examines the ecological and economic consequences of overfishing. Through interviews with experts and fishermen, the film sheds light on the complex issues surrounding global fisheries and the need for sustainable practices.

8. “Tuna Cowboys” (2010):
This National Geographic series follows the high-stakes world of tuna fishing, focusing on the intense competition among fishermen pursuing the lucrative bluefin tuna. The series explores the challenges of sustainability and the impact of market demands on this prized fish species.

Whether exploring the ecological repercussions of overfishing or showcasing the adventurous world of tuna fishermen, these documentaries provide a diverse and thought-provoking view of the fishing industry. Each film invites viewers to contemplate the environmental and ethical dimensions of fishing practices and encourages a deeper understanding of our impact on the world’s oceans.


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