Where to watch the popular series ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ (in 2024)




Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Since the original trilogy, ‘Star Wars’ content has been….mixed, to say the least. But scattered throughout the various movies, series, and games released since the original trilogy, there have been some gems. ‘Andor’ is a recent example of a great ‘Star Wars’ series and has been labelled by many fans as the best ‘Star Wars’ series ever made, but we’d argue that it was ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ which was the first truly great ‘Star Wars’ series.

Despite being released more than 15 years ago (wow, that makes us feel old), people still want to watch ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ online, so we thought it would be useful to round up all the ways you can do this (including some free options). Let’s get into it:


Prime Video

iTunes – 6 seasons available (not the 7th season)









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