The 7 Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime

May 22, 2019

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We all love morbid curiosity. We are horrified and disgusted by the notion of ghosts, psychopaths and serial killers but still couldn’t turn away as well because of the thrills and chills it gives us – it’s no wonder shows like Game of Thrones, which are full of violence, have become so popular. A little morbid curiousity doesn’t hurt anyone, and as long as it’s in movies and shows, it is okay. Also, it’s a great way to bond with friends and family when you watch a horror movie at night to see who will be scared the most!

So, here are some of the horror movies that you may enjoy watching with your loved ones. These movies may be psychological horror, survival horror, or just plain old ghost movies. You can find these movies on Amazon Prime on free trial, as the whole point of this list is to share movies you can stream online without any problem.  


A Quiet Place

This movie is exactly what it says in the title. A post-apocalyptic world invaded by creatures that are sensitive to sound, so you better keep quiet or else you would be pulverised. It is like watching Bird Box, but instead of eyes, the sound is the weak point which may result in death. But that doesn’t mean that you’ve watched both if you’ve watched one. Both movies have their own way and concepts, and in this movie, John Krasinski has done a great job of directing it.

Lee Abbott (John Krasinski) and Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) are possibly one of the few survivors of the entire world. Around a year ago, some extra-terrestrial creatures invaded on the planet, killing any living beings they can, thus survivors need to be extremely careful or else they would trigger the creatures and would get killed.

These creatures are blind, but are very sensitive to sound, so Lee and Evelyn has to make sure not to make noise, because even the slightest sound could be deadly, which became very clear to them when they lost their son, Beau (Cade Woodward). The whole Abbott family was strictly dependent on sign language to avoid making noise.

They managed to survive the apocalypse and were living in an isolated farm away from the creatures for around a year, making sure not to do anything that gets the unwanted attention of the alien. But unfortunately, they made a mistake eventually, and attracted the aliens towards their home. Now, they must avoid these creatures at any cost in order to survive and must be even quieter because of the aliens being few feet away.


The Shining

It’s very difficult to ignore the cultural impact of this movie because it’s still referenced a lot in TV shows and movies, especially that “Here’s Johnny!” reference. It’s hard to doubt a horror movie which was directed by Stanley Kubrick, written by Stephen King and had Jack Nicholson as the main actor! This movie is about how a family makes the biggest mistake of their life by visiting a hotel as caretakers, which has a history of violent acts.

Jack Torrence (Jack Nicholson) is a writer and takes a job interview to become the caretaker of the Overlook Hotel, which is situated in the mountains of Colorado. He is warned by the manager about the hotel’s violent past when the previous caretaker, Grady (Philip Stone), killed his family and then killed himself. He ignores that and agrees to live in the huge hotel with his wife, Wendy (Shelley Duvall), and his son, Danny (Danny Lloyd). Everything was normal in the beginning, and Jack was working on his writing material while living in the hotel. He goes through writer’s block, so things are a little hard for him. Meanwhile, Danny has telepathic ability, called “The Shining”, which allows him to see the haunting past and future of the hotel, and thus he sees disturbing visions.

Things got a little out of hand when the haunted hotel makes the mental problems of Jack even worse and eventually he goes through a mental breakdown, which convinces his wife and kid that he may go in the same way as the previous caretaker – chopping them up and then killing himself.


Carrie (1976)

This is another movie written by Stephen King. The title has a year because there is a newer version of this classic movie, and one of them is not liked much by many people (I won’t tell you which one, it’s better to see both of them by yourself and come to your own conclusion). This movie shows a glimpse of the aftermath of bullying a shy and quiet person, someone you quite don’t understand and know yet.

Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) is a shy teenage girl who is socially unpopular and often gets mocked and bullied for the way she is. She has telekinetic abilities that no one knows about. Her mother, Margaret White (Piper Laurie), is extremely religious, and her beliefs and the way she raises Carrie White has adverse effects on Carrie. The only person that treats Carrie right is her Phys. Ed. Teacher, Miss Collins (Betty Buckley), and even she is given strict instructions to not interfere with the way her mother is raising her.

When Carrie got her first unexpected period and wasn’t prepared for it, she became a laughing stock of the class which made one of her classmates, Sue Snell (Amy Irving) feel pity on her. She asked her boyfriend, Tommy Ross (William Katt), to go to the prom with her so that Carrie feels good about herself. However, one of the classmates, Chris Hargensen (Nancy Allen), was so full of hatred towards Carrie that she pulled a prank on her by pouring pig’s blood on her while Carrie was in the prom.

Every single thing – her mother’s way of raising her, her classmates teasing her, and the bullies humiliating her in front of the school, gave her an impulse to lose control of self and use the supernatural powers against the whole high school, which turns into a mayhem in a matter of minutes.



I’m sure most of you have heard about “it”, probably because of memes or because of the fact that it is relatively new compared to the list above (except A Quiet Place).  This movie takes place in the summer of 1989, and is yet another story by Stephen King.

Bill Denbrough (Jaeden Martell) is a kid living in the small town of Derry. His younger brother, Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) disappeared when he went out to float his paper boat in one rainy day. Bill is haunted by Georgie’s disappearance. He is part of a group which is called “The Loser Club” by others. He and his whole group was always the target of a bully gang led by Henry Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton). Meanwhile, the local kids from the town keeps disappearing and this became a matter of issue.

The continuous haunting of Georgie’s disappearance and the disappearance of other kids led Bill to discover that an evil clown is the reason behind all this. He goes by the name Pennywise, and is a shape-shifting demon who can take the form of anything his victim fears the most. Also, based on the clues, Bill believes that Georgie may be alive and may have been flushed to a wasteland, The Barren. The group of seven kids, “The Loser Club”, decided to go the wasteland to rescue Georgie and find out all of the things about Pennywise and kill him.


Jacob’s Ladder

If you want to feel what PTSD does to a person, this may be the movie for you. While this may not be an accurate representation of what a person goes through when he goes through a trauma, this is still a good way to experience things from their perspective.

Jacob (Tim Robbins) is a postal worker living in Brooklyn with his lover, Jezzie (Elizabeth Peña), in a small apartment. He is a veteran of Vietnam War, and is always terrified and haunted by the flashbacks. He also suffers from the flashbacks to his first wife, Sarah (Patricia Kalember), and his beloved kid, Gabe (Macaulay Culkin), who died in an accident, something Jacob blames himself for.

As days go by, his level of insanity grew more and more. He started hallucinating things, started seeing terrifying visions, and having more flashbacks. It’s like he was going through a nightmare, except, it is reality and his mind is playing games with him. The line between reality and terrifying visions became very blurry and he started losing it.



Another movie that involves people disappearing. I think disappearance of people has something to do with a great element of making things horrific, huh? This movie links the disappearance of people to an unknown supernatural entity, which is apparently situated near a tunnel.

Tricia’s (Courtney Bell) husband is missing for seven years and there’s no news about him. He has been declared dead. Tricia’s sister, Callie (Catherine Parker), came to live with her to support her. There are other news of people being missing around the town. One day Callie found someone around the tunnel who she believed is dead. She was assumed to be hallucinating by others, but it was later revealed that she wasn’t. Soon it was believed that the mysterious tunnel has something to do with the people going missing. Something supernatural was felt in the tunnel, and people realized that the victims might not be dead, but might be in a state which could be much worse than death.



This movie is a little different than what you’d expect while seeing it. At first, this movie would seem like it’s something similar to the movie “The Panic Room” in which the intruders break into the house to steal something and the victims have to struggle in order to be safe, but this movie takes a turn and has a little twisted story afterwards. You may find a spoiler below, which is marked, so you can read this article up to that point, but if you don’t want to ruin the movie’s suspense, you can watch the movie instead. You may or may not find it perfect, but would definitely find it entertaining.

Anna (Beth Riesgraf) is a young woman living with his brother Conrad (Timothy T. McKinney) in her family house. She’s agoraphobic, which makes almost impossible for her to leave the house. She hasn’t left the house in a decade and relies on a guy to connect with the outside world. Her only bond is with Conrad, who was dying in the beginning of the movie, making Anna alone in the house.

Anna has so much fear of going outside the house that she couldn’t even go to her brother’s funeral.

Three robbers, J.P. Henson (Jack Kesy), Vance (Joshua Mikel ) and Perry Cuttner (Martin Starr) saw this opportunity of the house being empty, and break into the house, not knowing that Anna is still in the house. Three men against a woman isn’t a thing to worry about for robbers, so they weren’t afraid at first. But, it was later realised that it was the robbers who are in a great danger, not Anna.


Anna has a history of vigilante style justice. Before her brother was dead, she and her brother used to kidnap people and kill them in the basement.  The victims used to be rapists and abusers, so both of them thought that they were doing a good job of getting the society rid of these scums.

It’s because of this practice their basement is not an ordinary basement. It is a trap that was designed to catch preys and not letting them go. When the robbers fell into the trap, she took control of the whole situation. She has the whole house designed to trap preys with a remote control to open and lock the doors.

The ending is what gets you most surprised and perplexed in the whole movie. She killed the intruders, burned the house down and moved out of the house as if she wasn’t agoraphobic at all. Was she faking it? Was she doing it all to trap preys into the house for a decade? Or was it the result of something her brother asked her to do before dying?

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