The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

Watch The Lord of the Rings Online


If you want to watch all 3 of the original Lord Of The Rings films online, then you have no shortage of options to choose from. They're films I love to revisit every few years or so, and every time I re-watch them I use a different method. Above are some methods you can try.



- Rotten Tomatoes 91%95%93%


Movie Information

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Runtime: Varies

Age Rating: PG

Director: Peter Jackson


Stream on Netflix UK

All 3 of the original LOTR films are available through Netflix UK, Netflix USA only has the first film on there. But luckily you can easily access Netflix UK through the usage of a free VPN, allowing you to watch all 3 films without paying anything.

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  1. Hahaha, I did the same thing with Surfshark. 30 days was enough to watch Lord Of The Rings and other movies too!

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