‘Manchester By The Sea’ is an emotional film starring Casey Affleck (yes, the brother of Ben Affleck). It’s one of those movies that, when I watched it for the first time, I did cry. Not ashamed to admit that at all.

If you’re looking to watch ‘Manchester By The Sea’ online, then you’re in luck! You can use the same method I used to stream it, without paying anything. Check this out:

Amazon Prime Video ($0)

Manchester by the sea Amazon Prime Video free

‘Manchester By The Sea’ is an Amazon film (it was produced and funded by Amazon), and one of the awesome things about that is that it means you watch the movie completely free using an Amazon Prime Video free trial. You can click the big yellow ‘Watch with Prime’ button to get started, then once you’ve watched the films as many times as you want within the 30 days, you can cancel the trial and not paying anything. Pretty awesome right?

So when I started the trial, I ended up watching the film twice – once on my own, and once with my girlfriend (who didn’t cry as much as I did, a little bit embarrassing).  Anyway, hopefully that helps you watch ‘Manchester By The Sea’ for free!