The Camera 3 cinema in San Jose was closed a few years ago, much to the dismay of people like us who really loved visiting the cinema on more than one occasion. 

Sure, Camera 3 was an older theater that maybe lacked some of the usual creature comforts and amenities of newer theaters. But unless all you were looking to do was to spend a couple of hours in a reclining seat shovelling popcorn into your face, Camera 3 was a great theater because it was one of the increasingly few places where you could watch amazing independent and foreign film on a big screen. And now it is unfortunately gone! 

I’m not too sure why this place didn’t do well enough to stay open – the staff were all super friendly, it was in a great location near loads of places to eat, and it had a great selection of films every week. Alas, people are becoming increasingly less interested in supporting the smaller cinemas. 

At Halloween was the best time to visit – enjoy donuts and beer while watching some class horror B movies and having a laugh. What an awesome place, sad to see it go. 

Some of the last films to be shown at the Camera 3 cinema included films like Deadpool 2, Doctor Strange, Avengers: Infinity War and even Alien: Covenant



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