I recently stumbled across an Indiegogo project called ‘Filmocracy’ – their claim is that they will change the world of online film streaming. And the more I read about their project, the more I think they could actually be onto something.

The idea is to turn the world of movie streaming into a sort of game. This will include giving users points for watching films on their platform, which users can then exchange for prizes or even cash. It’s a brilliant and exciting idea. 

It’s an especially exciting prospect to me because there is currently very little incentive for anybody to want to stream movies legally (unfortunately). I frequently cite the benefits of legal streaming for indie filmmakers and film crews, who tend to be the people who are hit and suffer the most from illegal streaming. But this is still not enough to convince most people to stream films properly. If Filmocracy was willing to reward people for streaming properly, then surely more people would begin to stream legally through their platform rather than illegally? That’s what we’d hope anyway. 

Another reason I’m excited about Filmocracy is that currently the world of legal streaming worries me slightly. Disney have just announced that they’ve acquired Hulu, and their streaming platform will likely be released in late 2019. Because of the huge properties and franchises that Disney owns (and continues to acquire), they’re going to have a huge monopoly on the world of streaming, with hugely popular films like Star Wars and Avengers only available through their platform. If a third party platform like Filmocracy was to gain traction and popularity, then this could open up the world of streaming and mean that Disney will have less of a monopoly on the industry.

It would also be better for independent filmmakers – instead of having to pitch their film to Disney (who, let’s face it, have no incentive to showcase indie films on their platform considering all of the properties they own), indie filmmakers could much more easily get their film onto Filmocracy and could start earning money from it as soon as it is finished. 

I’ll be keeping a close eye on Filmocracy over the next few months, and if you’d like to learn more about this project then take a look at their Indiegogo page. If you think Filmocracy could be as exciting as I do then consider donating some money towards it!



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