How Streaming Illegally Hurts The Film Industry.

A few years ago in 2014, The Guardian reported that “Almost 30% of Britons are now watching movies illegally online or buying counterfeit DVDs, costing the industry £500m a year.” That’s insane. The film industry was losing over half a billion US dollars per year from people illegally streaming movies. The crazy thing is that this has actually gotten worse in recent years.

A report from industry analysis Digital TV Research in late 2017 stated that illegal streaming could cost the tv and film industry $52bn by 2022. These stats don’t even include sports or pay tv, so that’s pretty crazy. The article states that the most illegally downloaded tv show between 2012 and 2017 was Game of Thrones, not too surprising.

As The Guardian says, there is a perception among many that streaming movies and tv shows illegally is a victimless crime. Also, there is a perception that there are fewer legal streaming options (particularly if you’re wanting free content). Well that’s just simply not true! Makeup artists, costume designers,, studios and facilities, even box office staff, are the people who lose out when people stream illegally.

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