Yes, that’s a tattered old sofa in the corner. God this place was cool.



The Mos’Art Theatre in Florida was a wonderful little theatre where you could enjoy the esoteric, the offbeat, and the artistic offerings that are well beyond the all too worn out path of mainstream Hollywood.

And like most theatres like this, it was unfortunately forced to close down due to lack of interest. 

A goodbye message on the Lake Park movie theater’s Facebook page was posted June 21, and a similar message on the theater’s website reads:

The Mos’Art Theatre is now closed. We greatly appreciate the years and loyalty from our amazing customers. I hope when you look back at your theatre experiences it brings you a smile. Best of luck to all of you in all that you do. Thank you for the memories.

In 2009, the single-screen movie house began showing new indie releases and reissues of classics, and playing host to live comedy shows and concerts.

The 150-seat screening room was furnished with love seats and sofas, making it one of the quirkiest places to see a movie in Palm Beach County.

I saw loads of hard-to-find movies with limited appeal at Mos’ Art, and will miss it. 



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