The Tree House Cinema in Gulf Breeze (situated in the Live Oak Village Shopping Center) might be closed now, but we still consider it a classic venue. So we wanted to write a little post with some information about this cinema, it’s importance and why we’re sad to see it gone. 

The theater would show many of those interesting foreign and indie films you would never find playing at any other theater in the Pensacola area for some reason, and is also one of the few theaters I’ve been to that serves wine, beer, and coffee – everything you need to have a good time really. 

The cinema would also host some great film festivals, and their free anime screening nights were a lot of fun. One of the more classic nights at the cinema was at Halloween 2015, where during a screening of the classic silent horror film Nosferatu there was a live band from Austin playing the music – it’s awesome and creative stuff like this that will be truly missed. 

They were forced to close their doors due to lack of visitors – what a shame! They showed some great movies there over the years, including movies like Princess Mononoke, and even the Lord of The Rings films


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