June 30, 2019

When your VPN isn't working with Netflix, it can be really annoying. Especially if you're trying to use your VPN to unblock certain regions of Netflix to access more content.

It's especially annoying if the VPN you're using is NordVPN - as one of the biggest and most popular VPN providers on the market, you're well within your right to expect that the VPN should work with Netflix every time. However, it isn't always that simple. There are a number of reasons why NordVPN might not work with Netflix, but before we discuss the reasons why the service might not be working properly with Netflix, try this very quick fix to see if it solves the issue:

  1. Sign out of NordVPN
  2. Sign back in
  3. Connect to a few different servers within the location you're wanting to change your IP address to
  4. Wait patiently to see if this has resolved the issue

If that hasn't worked, then you might have to explore some other solutions, so let's take a look at some potential solutions to get NordVPN connecting to Netflix:


Try different servers (You might have a blacklisted IP address)

One of the main reasons NordVPN might not be working properly with your Netflix is that the server you're trying to connect to is using a blacklisted IP address. What this means is that Netflix have identified the IP address used by NordVPN to be associated with a VPN service, and they've blocked it from accessing their streaming platform. The reason they do this is to prevent users from using VPNs with their service - even though Netflix have never really outright said that they don't approve of VPN services. It's a strange decision that I think could cost Netflix in the long run. After all, we know that using VPN services like NordVPN to unblock regions of Netflix gives users access to way more content, and it's a much better alternative to illegal streaming. But anyway, that's their choice and they stick by it. If our first solution didn't work then you could try one of our other solutions that we've tested:


Try a different VPN

It seems obvious, but if NordVPN isn't working with Netflix then you might be best to try a different VPN. Even though NordVPN are one of the best providers on the market, it can always be worth to try a different provider, especially when you can get a free VPN trial to test it out.

For example, ExpressVPN offer 30 days free, and during the trial you could fire up Netflix to see if your issues are resolved. The great thing about trying a different provider is that each VPN service has different servers, so you can increase the likelihood that Netflix won't have blocked the IP addresses. The more providers you try the better, so while you're at it you might as well try the PureVPN 31 day trial too. 


Change settings to 'Dedicated IP'

This is a strange one, but a user over on a Reddit thread claimed that simply by changing their NordVPN settings to 'Dedicated IP', they were able to connect to Netflix without any issues and the problem was resolved. It sounds very simple and straightforward but it's obviously helped this user and a few of the other Reddit users in the thread so give it a shot if you're still stuck by this point!


Still can't get it to work?

Drop us a comment and let us know specifically what the problem is - we'll take a look and offer a solution. We're pretty good at sorting stuff like this out so please leave a comment and we'll hopefully be able to help you get NordVPN working with your Netflix!