‘MaXXXine’ review – good fun, just not as good as the first 2

Before you start reading – be aware, this review contains SPOILERS

Many people watching ‘MaXXXine’ might not be aware that it’s actually the 3rd movie in a trilogy by Ti West, with the first 2 movies being ‘X’ and ‘Pearl’, all starring Mia Goth.

For the record – I absolutely loved the first 2 movies. ‘X’ had a grimy, grungey, 70’s feel that oozed out of every scene (plus it had a massive alligator) and reminded me a lot of ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, and ‘Pearl’ was just an absolute masterclass in unhinged character acting from Mia Goth. Plus, crucially, both movies were disturbing.
In ‘MaXXXine’, the only aspect that is retained from the first 2 movies is the brilliant acting from Mia Goth – she really was born to play this character. But apart from that, I have to say I was left feeling rather disappointed by ‘MaXXXine’. It lacked the strangeness of the first 2, as well as the genuine scares. There’s plenty of gore in the movie, but I would almost describe the death scenes as predictable.
But the biggest issue for me was the introduction of Maxine’s dad. I much preferred in the first 2 movies, when we didn’t really know what was driving Maxine/Pearl. I thought that showing the dad and having him be such a bizarre character took away some of the mystery from Maxine.
Also, where it was a delight to have the 70s aesthetic of ‘X’, the 80s aesthetic of ‘MaXXXine’ – albeit very well done – didn’t feel quite as fun or interesting to me. The sweat and grime was swapped for big hair and neon lights, and I wasn’t really feeling it.
Don’t get me wrong, I still had a great time and there are some great moments. But for me, it’s easily the weakest of the 3.


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