Watch 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' online free (June 2020)

Looking to watch all seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars online for free? Currently you only have 1 option - Disney+.

Yep, Disney have removed all episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars from streaming platforms like Netflix, so Disney+ is your only choice.

Luckily, you can access Disney+ with a free trial and a free VPN, during which you can watch all the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes. If you cancel the trials before you get charged, you won't pay anything. Here is what to do:


Get a free VPN

Get yourself a free VPN - we recommend ExpressVPN, because you get 30 days for free and all you have to do is cancel the VPN before you get charged.


Start your Disney+ trial

Head to Disney+ and start the free trial for the $6.99 per month subscription (that's all you'll need).

Start watching the episodes

You can now start watching the episodes! Just remember to cancel all of the trials that you've started before they end and you won't pay anything! Get started here.

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