Watch X-Men Dark Phoenix Online

Read our streaming guide and find out where you can watch Dark Phoenix online. There are options to stream through some HBO services but not currently through Netflix, Hulu, or Prime.

Director: Simon Kinberg

Cast: James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Sophie Turner

Release: Jun 7th, 2019

Official Website:

Release dates:

Cinema Release: Friday June 7, 2019

DVD Release: Tuesday September 3, 2019

Netflix streaming: Not available


When an X-Men mission goes wrong, Jean Grey is exposed to a dark and dangerous power. This power consumes her and begins to threaten the world, as aliens want to harness her as a weapon the X-Men must team up to try and save both their friend and the earth.

Where can you stream Dark Phoenix online:

You can stream Dark Phoenix on HBO max, HBO NOW, HBO GO, Direct TV, and you can watch HBO NOW through Amazon with a 7-day free trial.

Can you watch Dark Phoenix on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

As of July 2020 you can not watch Dark Phoenix on Netflix or Amazon Prime in the US. Check if Dark Phoenix is available on Netflix in your country.