TorrentKim was a great site for streaming Korean films with english subtitles, and I was a frequent visitor to the site. Unfortunately the site no longer seems to exist, so I thought I’d recommend some other methods I’ve been using to watch Korean movies and tv shows. Here are my best methods for streaming Korean films and tv shows:


Amazon Prime (100% free)

Seriously you can watch a load of free Korean movies on Amazon Prime, without paying anything! You just start the 30 day trial then cancel before it ends and you pay nothing. Here are some examples (just click the yellow button to watch the movie immediately) and here is a full list of all free Korean films on Amazon Prime Video:


You see the yellow button? That is how you start the free trial.




There are literally hundreds of Korean films for free on Amazon Prime video,all in high quality and all ready to stream now, check them all out through the images above.

I’d definitely recommend Amazon Prime because it is all free and you can stream the films in very high quality (plus it is all legal!).


Free VPN

Using a free VPN like ExpressVPN (you get 30 days free here and can cancel the trial any time so you don’t have to pay) you can access the Korean version of Netflix and other Korean streaming platforms like that, so you can watch all of the Korean films and tv shows on there without paying!