Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online (free & paid options)

Looking to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online for free? You're in the right place! We checked these as recently as January 2020: 173 free trial sign ups this month

Free UK Netflix Trial + Free VPN

Yes, this method sounds a little complicated – but it is 100% the best way to watch Brooklyn 99 for free online right now. Plus you’ll get to watch it in high quality without any spam adverts like you’d get on illegal streaming websites. People in the USA don’t actually get Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix for free, which sucks for them. However, people in the UK do. So by using a free VPN to change your location, you’ll be able to use Netflix UK regardless of where you are based! Have I convinced you yet? Ok, here’s the process step by step:

  1. Get yourself a good free VPN – I recommend ExpressVPN. It’s reliable and has 30 days free, so plenty of time to watch all seasons of Brooklyn 99.
  2. Set your location to UK within the ExpressVPN dashboard. Then head to the Netflix UK page for Brooklyn 99 and click the red button that says, “Get a free month”
  3.  Watch as much Brooklyn 99 as you can manage within the next 30 days. Right before the 30 days is up, cancel Netflix and the VPN and that’s it! You will have managed to watch Brooklyn 99 in awesome high quality, all for free!


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What other options are there for watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine online?

brooklyn nine nine page on hulu

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Free Hulu Trial + Free VPN

Now the process for using Hulu + Free VPN is exactly the same as the Netflix method, however the main difference is that Netflix give you 30 days free, whereas Hulu only give you 7. So you can see why it’s better to use Netflix (although if you think you can watch the whole series in 7 days, give it a shot!)


You can watch some episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine for free on the NBC website. This is quite cool as it is available to stream immediately. The only downside is that you can only watch certain episodes and not complete seasons from what I can see.

clips of Brooklyn Nine Nine that you can watch online for free through the NBC website

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