Watch Spanish Novelas online free


Spanish Novelas are awesome and can be a great way to practice your Spanish if you watch them with English subtitles. When I was learning Spanish I would often watch Netflix in Spanish with English subtitles. If you want to watch Spanish Novelas online for free then here are a few options (we checked these as recently as August 2020):

Netflix + VPN free trial (Best method)

One of the best things about Netflix is that it has a different selection of films and tv shows for every region of the world, including Spanish speaking countries. By using a VPN (which you can use for free for 30 days!), you can access these regions of Netflix completely free!

If you want to access these Spanish novelas (and movies) with subtitles for free through Netflix then here is what you need to do:

  1. Get yourself a VPN - we recommend ExpressVPN, because you get a massive 30 days free , plenty of time to watch loads of Spanish Novelas. (if you don't mind paying the small amount per month for a VPN then you can keep your subscription after the 30 day free trial is over, but you don't need to. It's totally worth it though).
  2. Set your location to either Spain or any Spanish speaking country within the ExpressVPN dashboard, then head to Netflix and start the free trial that they offer (30 days).
  3. Watch as many Spanish novelas as you want within the 30 days, then just cancel the free trials before the 30 days is over and you won't pay anything. Awesome!

And once you've got your VPN and you've changed your location to a Spanish speaking country, you'll also be able to access other streaming sites like Prime Video in other languages with English subtitles. So check it out! 



Amazon Video (100% free for USA, UK & Canada)

There are loads of Spanish Novelas available for free on Amazon Video, and you can sign up for Amazon Prime Video completely free in 10 seconds and have access to them immediately, plus a whole bunch of bonus content, and watch it completely free! Here are some of the free Spanish tv shows you can watch on Amazon Video free right now (all come with English subtitles) Click the image to get started!:


It's not just Spanish novelas you can stream with a Prime Video subscription - your subscription will allow you to access loads of other movies on the platform including Inception, The Avengers and Logan Lucky. Some of these movies are available with Spanish subtitles, another great way to practice your Spanish!