Watch 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' online free (August 2020)

Looking to watch all seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars online for free? Currently you only have 1 option - Disney+.

Yep, Disney have removed all episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars from streaming platforms like Netflix, so Disney+ is your only choice.

Luckily, you can access Disney+ with a free trial and a free VPN trial, during which you can watch all the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes. If you cancel the trial before you get charged, you won't pay anything. Here is what to do:


1 - Get a VPN

Get yourself a VPN - we recommend ExpressVPN, because you get 30 days for free . We recommend using a VPN when using services like Disney+, especially if you're taking a free trial.


2- Start your Disney+ trial

Head to Disney+ and start the free trial for the $6.99 per month subscription (that's all you'll need).

3 - Start watching the episodes

You can now start watching the episodes! Just remember to cancel all the trial and you won't pay anything! Get started here