January 11, 2019


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If you’ve never watched Bryan Fuller’s ‘Hannibal’ tv series starring Mads Mikkelsen, then you seriously should. I was reluctant to watch it at first, assuming that it was simply a hastily put together cash grab show trying to bank on a recognizable name and established property. But I was oh so wrong. ‘Hannibal’ is it’s own thing – completely unique and completely brilliant. The 4 seasons of the show play out like entire films, keeping you hooked the entire way through. 

But the show currently isn’t being made at the moment. It was perhaps a little too ‘niche’ and brave at points, making it less of an easy sell for tv networks and putting off more people than it attracts. Fuller did once describe the narrative of the show as being similar to “early ’80s pretentious art films.” So with this in mind, I wanted to find some other tv shows that are similar to Hannibal that you can watch while we wait for somebody to fund a new season:


 Bates Motel

Another tv series based off an established horror film franchise, and another series that does an excellent job at adapting the material and making it work for tv. Highly recommend this one. 


American Horror Story

This is more like ‘Hannibal due to the often surreal story-telling methods used throughout the series. It’s probably even more surreal than ‘Hannibal’, but I still find it very enjoyable and would recommend it. 


I’m including Dexter even though the last episode is one of the worst last episodes of any tv show ever. The journey up to that point is brilliant though. Perhaps it’s a good thing we end ‘Hannibal’ on such a high instead of risking a Dexter style ending, yikes.