Best Adult movies on Amazon Prime

Yep, there are more than a few adult movies on Amazon.


Adult movies can be very…raunchy, to say the least. I’ve watched a few adult movies on Amazon Prime and all I can say is WOW, there is a good choice on there.


If you’re looking to watch some adult movies on Amazon Prime then you might want to take a look at this list – all of the films I’ve included in this list can be watched for free with a Prime 30 day free trial, and once you’ve watched it you can cancel and never have to pay anything (which I think is pretty awesome). Let’s get on with the list of adult movies you can watch with Amazon Prime:




Raven’s Touch

Raven’s touch Amazon Prime free


Ooh boy, I liked this movie quite a bit. It has a pretty dark theme (no spoilers but the main character, Raven, is basically hating herself for the whole film) and it also involves a steamy lesbian affair between a younger woman and a slightly older woman, a mum with 2 kids who is on a camping trip. As far as adult movies go this movie might be a bit tame compared to some films (for example the nudity and language is pretty light), however it is certainly a pretty steamy film and I would definitely consider it “adult”. As with all of the movies in this list, you can click the yellow button to start the Amazon Prime trial, watch the film, then cancel without paying anything.




Strictly Sexual (The Complete Series)

watch strictly sexual free with amazon prime


Need I say more? I mean the title of this tv series is literally called ‘Strictly Sexual’…you can kind of tell that it’s going to be pretty adult right? And also look at that thumbnail! I suppose I better try and explain the ‘plot’ of this series – according to the Amazon Prime Video page, it is about modern dating and how the modern person balances their career and dating. I mean, it doesn’t really sound like my type of thing…but I guess it fits the ‘adult’ category? Anyway, it can be watched for free with an Amazon Prime trial, so go and check it out.




Bachelors amazon prime free


Bachelors is a comedy, and a pretty funny comedy at that (in my opinion anyway, if you take a look at the reviews on Amazon Prime Video you’ll see that not everybody agrees with me). However, it’s not included in this list because it’s funny, it’s included because it is definitely adult! There is a fair amount of nudity and strong language in this film. Hit the yellow button to watch it for free.






Now we’re starting to get into the ‘B movie’ territory – Sorceress is what you would describe as adult for sure, but you wouldn’t necessarily describe it as a good film. It’s still got better reviews than Bachelors on Amazon Prime Video mind you, which maybe isn’t saying a lot. I mean it does have the word ‘babes’ in the description, which means 2 things – it’s definitely adult, and it’s definitely bad. Also, it’s completely free to watch with an Amazon Prime trial, so that’s a bonus.





Scantily clad ladies? Check. Violence? Check. Strong language and nudity? Check. This is definitely an adult film if ever I saw one. Despite all of this, the reviews are surprisingly average. Also, it’s free with Amazon Prime so go watch it!



The Wishmakers

The wishmakers amazon prime free


I don’t know what to say anymore. In terms of thumbnails, this is surely the most ‘adult’ so far. Just 2 naked guys in bed. And just take a look at that description….need I say more? Just go watch this film for free on Amazon Prime Video.



The Arena

The arena amazon prime free


Let’s end with The Arena – a feelgood adult film about female gladiators, with lots of nudity and violent. A true adult film, and a great way to end our list. Watch this for free with Amazon Prime, or watch any of these films for free with the same method! Adult movies not your thing? We also have guides on Korean movies on Prime, psychological thrillers, and Christian films.


Special mentions:

There are some movies that include raunchy scenes that we thought would be good to include, for example – Eyes Wide Shut and Carol. Yep, check those out if you like…






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