Unacceptable Levels

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The human body is becoming different, as synthetic chemicals are becoming a normal thing for all of us to interact with daily. Every person on this planet is experiencing this, as we are exposed everywhere we go.

Who worked on this film

  • Ed Brown
  • Ken Cook
  • Christopher Gavigan
  • Jeffrey Hollender
  • Stacy Malkan
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That’s a legally watched film for the price of a beer! 🍺🍺

That’s a legally watched film for the price of a beer! 🍺🍺

Unacceptable Levels - a documentary about synthetic chemicals

'Unacceptable Levels', a documentary by Ed Brown, is a film that will make you think twice about what you see around you. The world is changing, and synthetic chemicals are becoming an increasingly normal part of our daily lives. Unacceptable Levels shines a light on all of the things around us that have now been contaminated with potentially harmful chemicals - everything from the food we eat to the sea. Watch this documentary and it will make you think twice about how you live your life! If you're based in the USA and you're looking to stream other movies relating to the harm of the human race, check out streaming options for Avengers: Endgame or streaming options for Avengers: Infinity War