Mad Max: Fury Road is an awesome movie which might be the best action film of the last decade. Is Mad Max: Fury Road on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu? If you want to watch Mad Max: Fury Road online (the full movie) then here are a few options (we checked these as recently as October 2019):


Amazon Prime Video

The entire film is available on Amazon Prime Video, and you can start streaming Mad Max: Fury Road immediately through this platform! 


Netflix UK

The full Mad Max: Fury Road movie on available to watch on Netflix, but only for users in the UK. If you're based outside of the UK then you can access this region through the use of a VPN, and with ExpressVPN you get a 30 day trial. 



The movie is not currently available to stream on Hulu however it's likely that the movie will be added to the platform soon, so keep an eye on Hulu!