June 1, 2019

The Good Place is a really funny tv show starring Ted Danson (who I’ve always thought was a bit of a dreamboat) . If you’re looking to watch it online for free then here are a few options you can try out:

Free YouTubeTV + Free VPN

watch The Good Place online free

The folks over at YouTubeTV have a bunch of NBC shows available to stream on their platform, which is of course very nice of them. However, when I used YouTubeTV, I actually found it really hard to cancel the free trial. So what I realized is that the best way to use the YouTubeTV free trial is with a VPN. Luckily, you can use a VPN for free too (during a free trial period). So far you might be thinking, “all I want is to watch ‘The Good Place’ online for free!”. Well, fret not. Here are the steps you have to take to get started:

  1. Get yourself set up with a free VPN. We usually use ExpressVPN for this because they have a nice chunky 30 day free trial. Just make sure you cancel before the 30 days is up.
  2. Once you’re set up with the VPN, head over to the The Good Place page on YouTubeTV and get started with the free trial.
  3. Watch as much of The Good Place as you can within the free trial period (this will be at least 7 days long)
  4. Remember to cancel both your VPN and your YouTubeTV subscription before the trials are over!

Easy enough right? If you’re wanting to watch The Good Place online for free, I honestly don’t know a better way than this (apart from illegal streaming or something like that). I know the series is on Netflix too but only the first 2 seasons.

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